This website is intended for the exclusive use of Tenneco Retiree Club members.  Any attempt by anyone other than club members to gain access to this site is prohibited and illegal.  Violators will be reported to the appropriate authorities for prosecution


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The Tenneco Retiree Club was chartered in 1984 to promote and preserve communications, fellowship and mutual helpfulness among members of the Club and to establish and maintain contacts.  The Club is independent of and entirely separate from Tenneco Inc., its divisions and subsidiaries.

Membership Qualifications:  Membership privileges shall be offered to former employees of Tenneco Inc., its divisions and subsidiaries, who at their termination of employment from Tenneco Inc. or one of its divisions or subsidiaries had a minimum of one year’s service and were eligible for re-employment (herein called retirees), and the spouses of such retirees.  Also, spouses of deceased retirees and their spouses are eligible for membership.

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